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Student ID Cards Maker Software


Student ID Cards Maker Software generates identity cards for multiple students using excel file data. Program provides advanced option to add barcode, text, watermark, and signature on id cards. You can add photo on id cards by browsing path of image or by taking photo of student using camera settings available in software. You can design single sided (Front) or double sided (Front and Back) ID cards according to your choice.

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Software Features :-
  • Generate student id cards using different image designing objects such as Line, Image Library, Card Background, Signature, Watermark, Barcode, Ellipse, Rectangle, Text, Browse Image, Symbols, Triangle and Star objects.
  • Software has various pre-loaded templates (pre-defined ID Card Design) to create id cards for students.
  • To add photo on id cards, you can crop image according to your id card using Image Cropping Tool.
  • Program has Live Group and Batch Processing Mode to create id cards for group of students. This mode includes Excel Data and Bulk opertaions with Live features.
  • You can save designed id card log for future usage.
  • Software has option to export designed id card as template, as PDF file format and as image (in JPEG, PNG and other File formats).
  • You can generate student identity card in different shapes such as Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, and Ellipse.
  • You can adjust color and background settings of ID card using Color, Gradient, Image and Style settings.
  • Provides advanced print settings option to print created ID cards.
  • Send designed id cards to single or multiple email IDs using Email-Settings.
  • You can copy current card design to the other side of the card.
  • Software has option to save your designed birthday card logs for future reference.